teaching ay ai spelling words

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  • Step 2 - Vowel Teams AI and AY - Homeschool Reading and Spelling ...

teaching ay ai spelling words

CVC Words Spelling Sheets - ESL Teacher.

Literacy Teaching Ideas - Spelling Snail Play: Digraphs ai and ay Spelling.
Literacy Teaching Ideas - Spelling

AI and AY - teachapedia
/ar/ /or/ /ur/ /ow/ /oi/ /ear/ /air/ /ure/ /er/ au er eer ear e al ear u our et New phoneme: /zh/ as in 'vision' Phoneme spotter In this activity, children generate
Free printable easy word worksheets for teaching CVC Words in ESL/EFL.
Step 2 - Vowel Teams AI and AY This lesson will teach words containing the sound of /aˉ / spelled ai and ay. You will need: Word Bank for AI/AY, Word Cards 1-10
22.10.2008 · Best Answer: Try making silly pictures or stories using the sounds. For example a stoat on a boat with toast on his coat. The children have to hear the
Find free spelling teaching ideas, activities and resources for your primary and secondary classroom.
Ai Ay Word Sort Help Teaching double letter sounds (ai -.
Teaching strategies Classroom activities. Space Aces is a fun printable file folder game that can be used for any vowel dipthong. The board is pretty and students

Quia - A Trip to the Emergency Room.

Literacy Teaching Ideas - Spelling

Spelling Words ai, ay A Trip to the Emergency Room Spelling Words. Spelling Words ai, ay
I have included 3 levels of difficulty in this spelling pattern sort so that you may differentiate based on your students' needs. You may choose to print, laminate
Ai Ay Activities

teaching ay ai spelling words

Teaching alternative spelling for phonemes

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